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GetAbout receives New Canaan Community Foundation Grant
The New Canaan Community Foundation provided a grant to GetAbout New Canaan. The grant goes to support the organization’s mission of providing transportation services to seniors and anyone with special needs in the New Canaan community. Read more
Private/Public Partnership – January, 2019
GetAbout and the Town of New Canaan entered into a private/public partnership in January 2019. Under the agreement, the GetAbout part-time employees became part-time employees of the Town of New Canaan, and the GetAbout vehicles became Town vehicles. The key driver for this partnership was to allow Getabout vehicles to be insured by the Town resulting in a significant savings in insurance premiums for GetAbout. The Town does not incur any costs as GetAbout continues to fund all its expenses including prepaying payroll and insurance premiums.
As good stewards of the donations we receive from our supporters the GetAbout is pleased this partnership will help keep expenses in check. The partnership will in no way diminish the financial support necessary to meet the expanding needs of those we serve in the New Canaan community.

Senior Services Resource Information:

Connecticut State Plan on Aging — October 2017 to September 2020